Quick-Open, Plastic (Tritan) 500 Hiking Flask - 0.5 Litre, Blue

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Product benefits
  1. Easy opening / closing
    Opens and closes easily and quickly with both hands without unscrewing the cap.
  2. Robustness
    In Tritan: unbreakable transparent plastic, without any after taste.
  3. Ease of use
    Wide opening for easy filling, carry handle, graduations. 0.5 L.
  4. Isothermal
    Non-isothermal. To keep contents cool, use the 0.6 L isothermal cover.
  5. Durability
    Tritan: an unbreakable transparent plastic, with no after-taste.
Product feature
  1. Directions for use
    Tritan, like aluminium, is not an insulating substance. Use a suitable insulated cover if you want to keep the liquids in your bottle cool. This flask can be used for hot drinks but these will cool down quickly. Do not use with fizzy drinks or fats (dairy products, oils...). Do not put in the microwave or freezer.
  2. Functions
    The cap is equipped with a handle making it easy to carry by hand or hang on a backpack using a strap or carabiner. The bottle is transparent and 200 ml increments are marked from 200 ml so you can see the amount of liquid remaining or prepare energy drinks.
  3. Care instructions
    Clean your water bottle after every use with regular washing-up liquid and water. If required, the product is dishwasher safe. Please note that the seal on the stopper can come out when in the dishwasher. Be sure to put it back in to ensure your water bottle is airtight. Allow the stopper and the bottle to dry thoroughly and separately.
  4. First use
    Rinse the entire product 3 times with clean water before first use.
  5. Materials and regulations
    Our products and materials meet the food contact standards in force. They do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) in accordance with the French regulations in force. Plastics are divided into 6 categories depending on their properties. If a plastic does not fit into one of these 6 classes, it switches to class 7 (where we find all kinds of food-grade and non-food-grade plastics). Tritan, suitable for food contact, is in this category 7.
  6. Weight and dimensions
    Volume: 0.5 litre Dimensions : Ø 7 cm x 19 cm Weight: 82 g Available in: 0.5 L / 0.8 L / 1.2L
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Cap : 55.0% Polypropylene, Cap : 42.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene, Cap : 3.0% Silicon Bottle/Body : 100.0% Tritan
  2. Storage advice
    Wash and dry before storing. Store with cap open. Store in a clean and dry place.
  3. Product restrictions
    No fizzy drinks, fats, freezer, microwave.
  4. Product information
    A bottle that opens quickly and easily with 2 hands, transparent and solid, in Tritan plastic (0.5L).