R520 Warm Tall Wellies - Brown

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Product benefits
  1. Prevents the growth of wild vegetation
    Fabric and assembly components that provide resistance to abrasive vegetation
  2. Warmth
    4 mm neoprene lining ensures thermal comfort for your feet.
  3. Anatomic design
    Adjustable side gusset allows you to easily adjust the boot to your calf.
  4. Cushioning
    Heel cushioning (Cushion System) for shock absorption when walking.
  5. Stability
    The reinforced back holds the ankle in place through any motion.
  6. User comfort
    Comfortable insole that absorbs perspiration.
  7. Grip
    Sole with 5 mm cleats for better grip on muddy ground.
  8. Ease of use
    Back boot puller for quick and easy removal.
Product feature
  1. Boots with insulating neoprene lining designed to keep your feet warm
    Because we're always thinking of the comfort of hunters, our engineers created the reinforced 520 warm boot. The goal? Protect your feet from the damp and cold in the winter conditions thanks to the 4 mm neoprene lining. Whether you are actively hunting alongside your dogs in search of woodcocks, pheasants, partridges and other small game, your feet remain protected so that you can enjoy your passion comfortably.
  2. Anatomic design: at the heart of this model
    The 520 reinforced boots have an adjustable side gusset designed to fit the shape of your calves: walking long distances has never been more comfortable. Note that this gusset makes for easy on/off. Finally, it goes without saying that they are waterproof, to protect you from rain and puddles of water that you may find on your way.
  3. A sturdy design that has been made to last over time and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities
    Our supple boots have a multi-layer natural rubber shaft which resists scuffing and perforation through rough vegetation, a reinforced instep, and a 100% rubber sole. This means you can comfortably walk in forests with rough terrain, even in the face of dense and aggressive vegetation such as brambles, gorse and other thorny plants.
    This boot includes the Cushion System: Simply put, it is a process that effectively absorbs shocks when walking. How? Thanks to the cushion built into the heel. Your foot feels fewer impacts and suffers less fatigue: The CS helps to protect your foot by absorbing and distributing forces of impact. This means you can walk further in comfort, all with the benefits of a light, dynamic step.
  5. Boots that are comfortable and easy to wear. Excellent, right?
    What better to keep you comfortable and focused on the hunt? This pair of boots adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot for more stability and support. The 4mm neoprene insole and the soft lining provide exceptional comfort: they feel as comfortable a slippers. This ergonomic model also features 5mm lugs for optimal grip and mud removal.
  6. To make sure your boots last and stay flexible, follow our maintenance advice
    We know you can't wait to try out our boots. To keep them in good condition, clean after each use with water and/or Ph neutral soap (avoid using hard brushes or abrasive sponges). Then wipe them with a cloth or leave them to dry in a well ventilated place away from heat sources. Store upright and not folded to avoid the rubber wearing down or cracking at folds.
    To protect your rubber boots all year round, we recommend using a silicone-based spray on the upper (boot restorer spray available on the website) a few times a year. The silicone creates a protective layer between the outside and the rubber, making it is possible to extend the lifespan of the product. Store boots upright, away from humidity, preferably in a dry, well-ventilated place.
  8. Additional information by size: The pair’s weight, total height and height inside of the boots
    40 : 1.68kg; (total height. : 40.5cm; int. : 37cm) 41: 1.77kg; (total height. : 41cm; int. : 37,5cm) 42: 1.86kg; (total height. : 41.5cm; int. : 38cm) 43: 1.94kg; (total height. : 42cm; int. : 38,5cm) 44: 2.02kg; (total height. : 42.5cm; int. : 39cm) 45: 2.14kg; (total height. : 43cm; int. : 39,5cm) 46: 2.24kg; (total height. : 43.5cm; int. : 40cm) 47: 2.34kg; (total height. : 44cm; int. : 40.5cm) Calf circumference on size 42: 41cm
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Upper of : 100.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex Outer sole of : 100.0% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyamide
  2. Storage advice
    In a dry place away from light.
  3. Product restrictions
    Keep away from fire.
  4. Product information
    The 4mm neoprene lining in these boots keep your feet warm in cold weather. The adjustable side gusset adjusts to the size of your calf, and the sole with 5mm cleats gives good grip on muddy ground.