Rockrider 700 Kids' 24-Inch Mountain Bike 8-12 Years

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Designed for mountain biking, for children ages 8 years and up (1.35 m to 1.55 m tall).

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    Size : 24"
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Product benefits Designed for mountain biking, for children ages 8 years and up (1.35 m to 1.55 m tall).
  1. Ease of use
    An MTB equipped with 24 speeds with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.
  2. Shock absorption
    Front suspension fork.
  3. Lightweight
    Robust, light, aluminium frame.
  4. Lifetime warranty
    B'Twin guarantees the frame, stem, and handlebars of this bike for life.
Product feature
  1. Controlled braking
    Brake effectively thanks to the mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear. The disc brake acts on the wheel axle to deliver powerful braking under all conditions (dry, wet, muddy).
  2. Changing between the 24 speeds
    This bike is equipped with two speed controls which are controlled using the thumb and index finger, allowing effortless gear changes. Left (chainrings): control ascents/descents. Right (speeds): more precise control over your pedalling.
  3. Front suspension to cushion unpredictable terrain
    Take on new obstacles (roots, stones, gravel, etc.) without a care thanks to the travel of the front fork.
  4. Frame designed for MTB
    This frame, made from aluminium for even greater light weight, is designed to overcome obstacles on your MTB outings.
  5. A reinforced, ergonomic saddle
    A saddle with a sporty design, designed with care to adapt to the morphology of children. It is equipped with a plastic section on the rear (a bumper) to protect against any impacts.
  6. 24" wheels and MTB tyres
    The double-walled aluminium rims are light and durable. For transporting the bike, we've made it easy to attach/detach the front and rear wheels. They are equipped with a quick-release system. The tyres are designed for mountain biking. The side lugs provide good grip when turning. The recommended pressure is indicated on the tyre sidewall. 24-inch 1.7 to 2.2 cross-section inner tube with Schrader valve.
  7. MTB fittings
    This MTB is equipped with a bell, lighting, wheel reflectors and a derailleur guard. The frame is pre-drilled to attach a bottle cage if needed. The frame is also compatible with other B'Twin accessories: - front and rear mudguards - stand - rear pannier rack
  8. Dimensions of the bike ready to use
    Length: 160cm.Height: 100cm. Width: 56cm.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 100.0% Aluminium 6061
  2. Storage advice
    Store the bike in a clean, dry place. Clean and grease the chain regularly. Our tips for before each ride: inflate the tyres to the pressure indicated on the sidewall.
  3. Product restrictions
    Wear a cycling helmet.
  4. Product information
    To take on obstacles with maximum propulsion, we've equipped this 24-inch MTB with an aluminium frame for even greater light weight. Its suspension fork and 24 speeds mean riders can go anywhere