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Designed for runners who want to light their path at night.

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Product benefits Designed for runners who want to light their path at night.
  1. Range
    The light beam perfectly lights up the path ahead of the runner up to 20m
  2. Power
    250 LUMENS
  3. Autonomy
    2.5 hr at 250 lm. 5 hr at 125 lm.
Product feature
  1. light intensity
    2 manual light settings: 250 lumens, 125 lm. Automatic saving mode: 70 lm Thanks to feedback from users of the old Run light, our engineers have developed a vertically directional beam to meet runners' requirements for upward and downward slopes. What's more, the little "cap" protects the runner from the glare of the light beam at the front.
  2. autonomy
    The 2500mAh rechargeable battery has: >max. power (250 lm) = 2.5 hr battery life >min. power (125 lm) = 5 hr battery life >switches automatically to economic mode 70 lm (light flashes briefly every 10 seconds to warn runner) USB outlet for connection to external battery remaining battery life is displayed when light is turned on.
  3. Red LEDs
    3 flashing LEDs on the rear battery housing. the elastic straps have a reflective strip.
  4. weight
    162 g
  5. backpack attachment (new featured developed thanks to your reviews)
    a backpack attachment is provided with the Run Light 250 (as well as a chest strap for the same price). It takes a second to fasten RUN LIGHT 250 to the bag!
  6. rain resistant
    IPX4 > Protected against water projection from every direction.
  7. Glare
    Warning, this product may emit dangerous optic rays. Do not look into the light when on. This may be harmful to eyes.
  8. lifespan
    500 charge/discharge cycles
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Polycarbonate Exclusive of elastic (only of US) : 100.0% Polyethylene Complementary parts : 100.0% Printed Circuit Board
  2. Storage advice
    for better battery life, recharge it at least once every 6 months.
  3. Product restrictions
    Only suitable for running (not for cycling!)
  4. Product information
    Does this run light allow you to see on downhill paths? You can tilt the powerful light beam (250 lumens) to light up the path from 0 to 20 metres ahead.