RVS FR 500 Cross-country Ski Backpack - Petrol

€ 41.00

Designed for for cross-country skiers or snowboarders looking for a bag that's easy to use.

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Product benefits Designed for for cross-country skiers or snowboarders looking for a bag that's easy to use.
  1. Easy dressing
    Exclusive REVERSE design: a bag you can swivel easily to the front.
  2. Volume
    Carrying: 1 snowboard at the front. On the side: 2 adult skis or 4 junior skis.
  3. Stability
    Stomach and chest strap ensuring excellent backpack support.
  4. Ease of use
    A mechanical buckle to make using the REVERSE system even simpler.
  5. Flexibility
    18 litres
  6. Multiple compartments
    1 medium-sized pocket, 1 goggles pocket, 1 outside pocket and 1 side pocket.
Product feature
  1. Carrying skis/snowboards
    You can carry 1 snowboard on the front of your bag, or a pair of adult skis or even 2 pairs of junior skis on the side. Which means you can keep your hands free for walking more comfortably to ski lifts or to look for "freeride" routes.
  2. Instructions for carrying skis
    To carry your skis on the side, put the tail of the ski in the lower strap and it will adjust automatically to the ski's width. Attach the skis above the front stop of the binding. The top right-hand strap is inside the bag: it can be retrieved using the insert found below the words "Ski carrying system" and attached in the same place as the other metal buckle. The top left strap slips into the ring next to the carry handle of the backpack.
  3. Helmet carrier
    You can attach your hat's strap to the backpack's carrying handle.
  4. Straps
    Adjustable, comfortable straps with foam for optimum shoulder comfort and stability. A height-adjustable chest strap with a distress whistle, to hold your bag firmly on your back. A stomach strap to prevent your backpack from moving around when you don't want it to.
  5. Pockets
    The pockets enable you to carry everything you need for your day of skiing/snowboarding. For example, for the main pocket: avalanche shovel, probe, 2nd layer, pair of gloves, 50 cl bottle of water, avalanche beacon. Goggles pocket: spare goggles. Front pocket: map of the slopes, wallet, car keys, survival blanket. Hip belt pocket: energy bar, lip balm.
  6. How to use the Reverse system
    Unclip the buckle and swivel your bag around. Hold your right arm against your body. With the left hand, pull the backpack by the right strap to swivel the bag in front of you. Clip the bottom part of the buckle into the top part of the main buckle located at the bottom of the bag to hold it in place. The buckle is secured by a detachable system. Opening: the bag has a very practical opening offering easy access to all your belongings, even when they're at the bottom of the bag!
  7. Carry handle
    The handle has an ergonomic grip for easier carrying and storage.
  8. Goggles pocket
    A thermoformed and shelled mask pocket on the front to store a spare mask, a pair of glasses and a mobile phone. This pocket is rigid at the front to protect the contents. Soft fabric inside to protect screens (mask, telephone, sunglasses).
  9. Back and strap comfort
    Foam back and straps to guarantee maximum comfort and a feeling of freedom. The foam is attached to the most sensitive part of the back and shoulders.
  10. Shovel and probe pocket
    Two pieces of elastic in the main pocket are able to hold a probe and shovel handle. the elasticated pocket holds the shovel blade. The pocket and shovel are, alongside the D.V.A, essential tools which you must be familiar with when out on the slopes/freeriding/back country skiing.
  11. Protecting your belongings
    The base of the bag is extremely resistant to abrasions and tearing. This limits the effects of impact and limits damage to the bag contents.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place
  3. Product information
    This bag is easy to put on and remove, and offers great freedom of movement.