Scuba Diving Fins SCD 500 black/blue

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Product benefits
  1. Power
    Side ribs of variable thickness. Bi-material blade with flexible channel
  2. Rigidity
    MEDIUM. Comfortable kicking. Optimised bare foot support.
  3. Stability
    Side wings for stability regardless of the kicking technique.
Product feature
  1. Performance and power
    At Subea, we developed a "fin robot". This robot is a test bench that measures what the fin renders in terms of propulsion, thus what it requires in terms of energy from the diver. We can therefore deduce the efficiency of a fin. We use this robot throughout our product development to correlate our feedback in use to a scientific measurement. Each fin prototype is tested until we obtain the product that meets our expectations.
  2. Foot pocket
    The part of the fin where the foot is placed. The foot pocket of the SCD 500 fin was specially developed to hug the shape of the foot and to keep the fin firmly in place on the foot. This means that you will never have the feeling of "losing" your fin and it enables maximum energy transfer to the blade of the fin.
  3. Blade
    The flat part of the fin that helps to generate the thrust. The blade of the SCD 500 is amazingly flexible while providing outstanding power under all conditions. SUBEA has developed this blade to provide maximum thrust (fin power) while retaining a soft blade to provide maximum finning comfort. Its central channel flexes to maximise thrust. Try it and you won't go back.
  4. Dimensions and weight of a pair of fins (size EU 42/43)
    Length: 66 cm. Width: 22.5 cm. Weight: 1.4 kg (per pair). Positive buoyancy (it floats lightly)
  5. Stability
    The side ribs, the position of the blade centred between these ribs and the wings at the side and tip of the blade ensure very good stability of the fin, regardless of kicking technique (regular scissor kick or frog kick).
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Blade : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Shoe : 100.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene
  2. Approved by
    Our technical partner: Planet Ocean (the PADI 5-star diving centre) based at the Water Sports Centre by Decathlon in Hendaye - France. The centre uses SUBEA equipment throughout the year. The team of instructors are rigorously involved in the development
  3. Storage advice
    Store flat in a dry place away from light.
  4. Product information
    These diving fins are ideal for scuba diving at all levels. The ergonomic foot pockets are comfortable and the blades are powerful!
  5. Lab tested
    Designed and tested by our teams and our technical partner in Hendaye (France).