SN FLUORO stainless-steel eyed hooks to line for sea fishing

€ 3.70

Designed for sea shore ledgering.

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Product benefits Designed for sea shore ledgering.
  1. Easy assembly / dismantling
    The loop on the leader enables simple hook attachment.
  2. Breaking resistance
    Strong durable heavy-duty hook that maintains shape as you struggle with fish.
  3. Traction
    Its long shank is designed for keeping a solid hold on longline bait.
  4. Visibility
    The fluorocarbon leader allows for more stealth
  5. Durability
    The stainless steel of the hook increases the durability of the rig.
Product feature
    10 hooks to line for sea fishing. Long-shank, heavy-duty eyed hook Perfectly suited for keeping a strong hold on long, thin bait (large worms, razor clams, sardines, pieces of squid, etc.) Each hook is tied to line with a 120 cm fluorocarbon leader.
    Hook no. 1 with a 35/100 leader Hook no. 2 with a 35/100 leader Hook no. 4 with a 30/100 leader Hook no. 6 with a 28/100 leader
    The stainless-steel finish is an exclusive, high-accuracy thermal treatment that provides unparalleled hardness and corrosion resistance.
    SEABREAM FAMILY: - Gilthead seabream - Sargo bream - Bluespotted seabream - Striped seabream - etc. SEABASS
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Stainless Steel Backing : 100.0% Polyamide
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place.
  3. Product information
    SN FLUORO stainless-steel hooks to line offer a number of advantages. A ready-to-fish leader that saves time. Useful, because they guarantee that the knot is perfect.