Snow Shovel Sledge Funny Slide - Yellow

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Product benefits
  1. Glide performance
    Good glide quality thanks to its coating.
  2. Braking power
    Braking with your feet.
  3. Directional control
    Steering is controlled with the feet at the front.
  4. Cycling comfort
    To strengthen your abs: bottom on the ground, feet in the air!
  5. Easy transport
    0.16 kg. L x W x H = 57 x 37 x 1 cm. Can be rolled up.
  6. Durability
    Maximum weight 100 kg.
  7. Ease of use
    Handle to hold the shovel when sliding & for fastening to another one in front.
Product feature
  1. User Guide
    - Before each use, check the general condition of the product. - Use under the supervision of an adult. - Before use, check that the brakes are working correctly. - Make sure there are no obstacles, human or otherwise, on the slope. - Use on non-icy terrain that is dedicated to sledging.
  2. Funny Slide chain for sledging as a group
    The front handle of sledge no. 2 can be folded and passed through the rear handle of sledge no. 1. This means that you can connect 2 or more sledges together to slide down slopes as a group.
  3. Glide base
    The glide surface is made of PE (polyethylene), the same material as that used on the bases of skis or snowboards. On groomed slopes, it slides quickly. On the other hand, the shape of the Funny Slide and the position of the user make it slide much less quickly on soft snow or powder snow. This PE base also makes this little sledge very strong.
  4. Comfort foam
    The top surface is made of a PE (polyethylene) foam. This is the same chemical molecule as that used in the base. They are combined to give it the required strength. Given the air trapped inside the foam, it insulates from the cold. Ideal for picnic breaks.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Board : 100.0% Polyéthylène (PE)
  2. Approved by
    Our development teams and testers.
  3. Storage advice
    Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent the premature ageing of the plastics.
  4. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  5. Product information
    You can attach 2 Funny Slides together to sledge one behind the other. Its foam insulates you from the cold. This sledge can be rolled up in a backpack!