Stawbanana 14mm and 18mm 100g carp fishing floating boilies

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Designed for freshwater carp fishing.

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    Size : 100g
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Product benefits
  1. Palatability
    The scent given off by the boilie attracts the carp to the rig.
  2. Visual efficiency
    The buoyancy and colour of the bait make it very easy for carp to spot.
  3. Versatility
    14 mm and 18 mm boilies let you adapt your rig easily.
Product feature
  1. Legal name
    Artificial bait, floating boilie.
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    Store boilies in a dry place in their container. Ensure pot is properly closed after use
  2. Product restrictions
    Not for human consumption.
  3. Product information
    The floating effect of this bait arouses the carp's curiosity or even its aggression. Carp will go for the boilie even when they are not hungry.