SwimMusic 100 Waterproof Swimming MP3 Player - Blue

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Designed for occasional to regular swimmers wanting to relax during their session. Music to get away from it all!

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Product benefits
  1. Waterproof
    Music player waterproof to 2 metres
  2. Easy reading
    Classic or random playback to mix things up
  3. Volume
    2 GB memory (equivalent on average to 330 MP3 files)
  4. Audio efficiency
    You can boost the volume if you wish.
Product feature
    This player supports MP3 and WMA music files. This player is PC and MAC compatible and connects via a specific type of USB cable supplied with the device.
    The player automatically switches off after 3 minutes of inactivity. It has a battery life of 10 hours and can be recharged through the USB port of your computer.
  3. USE
    This type of MP3 player and headphones is particularly suited to low or moderate intensity swimming sessions with a goal of relaxation. Before the first session, take the time to try on the different earbuds (shapes and sizes) to ensure a perfect fit during use. Make sure they are fully inserted in the ear by slightly turning them until there is a perfect seal. It may be necessary to wear a swim cap over the headphones in some cases.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Packaging : 80.0% Cellulose, Packaging : 20.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Outcover : 100.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Inside room : 50.0% Printed Circuit Board, Inside room : 50.0% Battery - Li Po Earphones : 100.0% Printed Circuit Board
  2. Storage advice
    Keep MP3/WMA player away from moisture and store in a dry place. The battery must be recharged at least once every 3 months.
  3. Product restrictions
    At full volume, prolonged listening can damage your hearing
  4. Product information
    Use the SwimMusic 100 waterproof MP3 player during your pool sessions to relax and get away from it all!