T900A Treadmill

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Designed for running at home with the goal of keeping fit and improving your cardio fitness and muscle strength.

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Product benefits
  1. Versatility
    Maximum speed of 18km/h and incline up to 10%.
  2. User comfort
    Running surface of 50cm wide by 143cm long, perfect for long strides
  3. Coaching
    32 adjustable programs + compatible with the Domyos E-Connected app
  4. Compact design
    Fold-up treadmill
Product feature
    Size in use: L 185 x W 88 x H 147 cm Folded dimensions: L 133 x W 88 x H 150 cm Treadmill weight: 89kg Box dimensions: L 156 x W 77 x H 28cm Box weight: 98kg
  2. Motor power
    Tested at its maximum speed of 18 km/h for a weight of 130 kg, the T900's motor power is 1.44 HP and 1305 watts. Its average energy consumption is 370 Watts (for a user weighing 90kg and running at a speed of 8 km/h)
  3. T900 CONSOLE
    The console is the most important component on your treadmill. At Domyos, we've worked hard to make it intuitive and informative. The back-lit screen gives you a range of stats: time, distance, speed, average speed, calories burnt, bpm and a snapshot of your current run. Eight speed and incline shortcuts make it fast and easy to start your run and are perfect for when you want a workout that changes up your pace.
    The T900 treadmill console offers various features to help you get the most out of every run: - Side speakers and a 3.5 mm cable jack to plug in your devices - Central fan - Bluetooth sensor to connect to the Domyos E-Connected app - USB port to charge your device - Tablet holder - Side pockets
    There are 32 programmes created by a Domyos coach that have been pre-set into the console based on four goals: Health and wellness, calorie loss, and endurance and interval training. Each programme has a specific profile, duration, speed and incline so you can reach your goals and switch up your workouts. You can change the intensity at any time to suit your fitness level.
    Get motivated, reach your goals, or just have fun by connecting your device to the compatible apps Econnected or Kinomap. With E-connected, you can set a weekly time, distance, or calorie goal: your performance is recorded and you can track your stats. With Kinomap, travel over real scenery in total synchronisation with your device. At your own pace or in challenge mode, alone or with the Kinomap community, you can have a unique experience.
    The T900 treadmill is equipped with heart rate sensors and comes with a heart rate belt, a more reliable method of measuring your bpm. Use these tools to track your heart rate during every workout. Please consult your doctor before beginning or restarting any physical activity! A professional trainer can also help you determine the appropriate heart rate ranges so you can reach your fitness goals faster.
    The cushioning system on the T900 treadmill has been designed to give you good thrust and bounce while also ensuring optimum comfort. Running on a treadmill helps reduce impacts and is easier on the body.
    Silence is an essential criterion that we carefully consider when developing our products. We strive to reduce the noise our treadmills make so they are more enjoyable for both users and those around them. The T900 treadmill was measured at 52 dB at 10 km/h without a user. It is one of the quietest treadmills in our DOMYOS range!
  10. Storage
    The T900 treadmill folds up to save space when not in use. When folded, you need just 133 x 88 cm of floor space. To extend the life of your treadmill, store it in a dry place where it won't get dusty. The treadmill has two roller wheels so you can move it around easily.
    Walking and running are ideal ways of getting fit, maintaining your physical fitness level, slimming your figure and improving your cardiovascular capabilities. The T900 treadmill allows you to exercise at home no matter the weather conditions and easily integrate your exercise into your daily routine. It lets you adapt your workout to your goals and takes your fitness into account for increased comfort and effectiveness.
    Visit our website to: - Find out about the warranty on your product - Mount, adjust or use your product - Resolve a technical issue - Download the instructions manual for your treadmill.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 100.0% Steel Complementary parts : 75.0% Polystyrene (PS), Complementary parts : 25.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Phtalate free Table board : 40.0% Copper (CU), Table board : 35.0% Steel, Table board : 10.0% Brass, Table board : 10.0% Epoxy, Table
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place where it won't get dusty
  3. Product restrictions
    Maximum user weight: 130 kg. Home training 5 hours a week.
  4. Product information
    The T900 treadmill is designed for regular, high-intensity running. It's the perfect ally for runners looking to improve results through indoor training sessions.