TRACTION KITE 0.6 m2 + Bar - Neon Green

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Designed for Learning to steer traction kite from age 7. Requires stable and sufficiently strong wind to prevent the kite folding in on itself

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Product benefits
  1. Ease of use
    Low traction strength. Supplied with a steering bar. No frame to assemble
  2. Aerodynamics
    From 3.5 to 5 Bf (15 to 40 km/h) 25kg polyester line and bridle Polyester canopy
  3. Flexibility
    Can be assembled with steering handles or straps
  4. Stability
    Its shape gives it good stability in flight
  5. Versatility
Product feature
    "Cellular" traction kites without frames are designed to generate power for users wanting to be towed with or without a board. These frameless kites will be more sensitive to wind speed fluctuations because they are not rigid. Gusts of wind will generate sudden power at high speeds and cause it to fold up in flight at lower speed when the wind drops. The 0.6m2 kite has LOW traction
    The kite comes in a bag with a handle to make it easier to carry.
    The kite comes with a steering bar for easier control. It is easy to set up: Unroll the lines, place the wing on its back at the end of the lines, put some sand on top, and finally connect the lines. Pull sharply on the wing... and you're off!
    If you do not want to be towed but rather simply steer and perform tricks, we recommend that you look at our range of single-line kites, not power kites.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Storage advice
    Leave to dry before storing Store carefully in its bag
  3. Product restrictions
    Do not use in a storm or near high-voltage power lines.
  4. Product information
    A small traction kite, perfect for starting to feel the power and learning to steer a kite with a bar.
  5. Lab tested
    Designed by our engineers and designers, all aficionados of power kiting and landkiting. Developed in northern France, at Decathlon's global product development headquarters.