Trekking Travel Backpack 60 Litres | TRAVEL 100 Camel

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Product benefits
  1. Abrasion resistance
    10-year warranty. Very hardwearing thanks to the fabric and reinforced seams.
  2. Easy opening / closing
    Suitcase-style opening for ease of access and storage of the bag contents
  3. Theft resistant
    Padlockable zip to protect access to the main compartment.
  4. Capacity
    Capacity: 60 L. Dimensions: 65 x 35 x 30 cm Weight: 1.6 kg
  5. Multiple compartments
    Backpack with multiple inside and exterior pockets and a shoe compartment.
  6. Carrying comfort
    Adjustable shoulder straps, lumbar belt, chest strap.
  7. Ease of use
    Double handles at the top and bottom of the bag for easy handling.
  8. Eco-design
    The inside is dyed via a "Dope dye" process using very little water.
Product feature
  1. Reduced environmental impact thanks to the Dope Dyed process
    Bulk dyeing (Dope Dyed) involves introducing pigments during manufacturing of the thread and reduces the water-related environmental impact of the dye (significant consumption & pollution). Environmentally-friendly dyes are available. This process can reduce the CO2 impact by 40% compared to traditional dyeing methods.
  2. Eco-design of the TRAVEL 100 backpack
    In 2019, Delphine, our backpack engineer, selected a fabric for the inside of the backpack using the dope dye process. As such, the backpack uses 12% less CO2 compared to traditional dyeing methods. We are aiming for a 100% eco-designed backpack so we already have areas for improvement! In 2020, the outer sides of the backpack will switch to using dope dye to save a further 7% in terms of CO2. By 2021, 100% of the bag fabric will be dyed using this process to save a further 17%!
  3. How to adjust your backpack?
    Begin by adjusting the lumbar belt. The bag's weight should sit mainly on your hips. Then tighten the shoulder straps to bring the bag's weight towards your back. Attach and tighten the chest strap then tighten the smaller straps above the shoulders so that the back sits perfectly on your back.
  4. Backpack TRAVEL 100 compartments
    Suitcase-style wide opening. A big internal compartment in the bottom of the bag (for shoes or laundry for example). An inside net pocket and on each side of the big compartment. A zipped belt pocket (perfect for having your phone to hand) Water compartment against the back (could also be used for a laptop)
  5. Protect your bag in the rain
    The bag comes with a rain pocket waterproof to 2,000 mm (Schmerbers) This is equivalent to a rain shower of 60 L per hour per square metre.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Lining : 100.0% Polyester Coating : 100.0% Polyurethane
  2. Approved by
    We equipped 6 users to test the bag over 5 weeks. They walked for around 50 hours, loaded to an average of 10 kg, over 300 km: tour of the Adriatic from Greece to Albania, then Croatia, and finishing in Italy. This durability test revealed excellent perfo
  3. Product information
    The suitcase-style opening lets you access contents and store your bag easily. The integrated rain pocket will protect the bag contents from rain.
  4. Lab tested
    We have tested the durability of the parts in our laboratory by replicating intense usage of the loaded bag. Our bag resisted 10,000 drops from 50 cm. The bag was filled to 18 kg