Volleyball Knee Pads VKP500 - Navy

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Product benefits
  1. Impact protection
    Made of two foams: flexible and dense for effective protection.
  2. Durability
    The weave of these knee pads withstands all types of pitches.
  3. Coverage
    Covers the front and side of your knees.
Product feature
  1. Why wear knee pads?
    Our volleyball design team's advice: Have fun on the court instead of bandaging your knees! They're priceless and are really put through the mill at volleyball training sessions and matches. Knee pads are an essential part of your volleyball kit. Are you an intermediate or even advanced player? Then you're probably doing sprawls and dives that require you to be confident and at ease with your knee pads.
  2. Choosing the right size knee pads
    These knee pads are available in five sizes, to fit different body types. To find your correct size, measure the circumference of the thigh 8 cm above the knee. S 00: between 32 and 36 cm S 1: between 36 and 39 cm S 2: between 39 and 43 cm S 3: between 43 and 47 cm S 4: between 47 and 51 cm
  3. How we designed our knee pads.
    The volleyball court is our research lab. Having listened to your feedback and watched you play, we know that protection and support are key. Our design team has come up with this vital piece of volleyball kit. Because your knees deserve the best protection, these knee pads are compliant with European standard EN 15613 for knee and elbow protectors for indoor sports.
  4. Care instructions
    Even knee pads deserve to be looked after in the wash! To stop the colours running, we recommend washing them by hand or in a washing machine at 30°C. Based on experience, we recommend not tumble drying them. Air drying them is just fine.
  5. Product tests.
    Our team of product designers is continuously working to enhance your comfort. Our aim is to create products that meet the specific needs of our users for an excellent experience. We then test our products in the field, as we are convinced that only by subjecting them to real world conditions, like the ones you experience during use, can we continuously improve our products.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Foam : 80.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Foam : 20.0% Foamed Polyurethane Lining : 85.0% Polyester, Lining : 15.0% Elasthane
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place.
  3. Product restrictions
    Contains latex.
  4. Product information
    Our team of keen volleyball players has designed these knee pads to envelop your knees to give you the protection you need when playing volleyball regularly.
  5. Lab tested
    Impact/support test: these knee pads are compliant with European standard EN 15613 for knee protection for indoor sports. Machine wash test. Colour bleeding test on materials.