Women's Freestyle/All mountain snowboarding boots - Endzone - White

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Product benefits
  1. Fit
    Ergonomic 10 mm foam heel wedge: better support of the foot for freestyle
  2. Adjustable
    Cable Lock on the ankle and two-zone lace tightening
  3. Rigidity
    Medium 5/10 Flex enabling comfort and manoeuvrability for freestyle
  4. Thermal insulation
    EVA sole, 80% air to insulate from cold ground
  5. Fitting comfort
    Easy to put on. Flexible foam: maximum comfort. Thermoformable liner
  6. Traction
    Ultralight sole with large studs for good grip on all types of snow
  7. Cushioning
    Ultralight sole with large studs for good grip on all types of snow
  8. Easy opening / closing
    Cable Lock on the ankle and lace tightening
Product feature
  1. A word from the product manager
    We have designed these boots to provide you with the best support and comfort for freestyle: - Inner lacing tightening system on the liner for optimal ankle support Targeted tightening wheel to adjust support to your sensitivity and style - Classic lace-up tightening with mid part to separate top and bottom tightening - PU cushioning under the heel for comfort when you put it on - EVA sole, 80% air, very light, insulating, protects from the cold
  2. Separate tightening system - 3 zones
    The 3 zone tightening on these boots is designed for demanding snowboarders 1. Cable lock tightening (wheel) to adjust ankle support as much as you want 2. Tightening at the bottom of the boots with laces blocked with a specially designed plastic part 3. Tightening at the top of the boot with laces, for personalised tightening.
  3. Boot flex/stiffness
    Medium flex (5/10) to provide optimal comfort for freestyle, whether it be to tweak your grabs or on boxes or rails. A stiffer boot would be more demanding and less comfortable in the snowpark.
  4. Heel support: level 3 liner (/3)
    Foot support is essential when snowboarding, to be able to correctly steer your board (foot in the liner, and liner in the boot). The level 2 liner applies 6 concepts: 1. liner is thermoformable at home 2. Ergonomic ankle padding 3. Liner tightening thanks to fabric tab fixed to the boot 4. tightening wheel to wedge the foot at the bottom of the boots 5. Double-thickness of foam under the tongue on the instep, support and comfort 6. sole
  5. 1. Thermoforming the liner by yourself / WARNING
  6. 1. Thermoforming the liner by yourself / INSTRUCTIONS
    1. Preheat the oven to 80°C on fan mode 2. Remove the inner soles of the liners, place the liners on the oven plate with some greaseproof baking paper 3. Wait 15 min 4. Put the hygiene insoles back, put on a pair of ski/snowboard socks, put the liners on your feet and tighten them fully. 5. Put on the boots on and tighten fully 5. Wait 15 minutes, standing still This operation can be repeated.
  7. 2. Ergonomic Heel Pad ankle foam
    Ankle foams fill the anatomical hollow under and behind the ankle to wedge the heel in place. The level 3/3 liner contains a foam made in an exclusive Dreamscape material and shape : - the shape comes from an average of 40 foot scans. It is perfect for holding the foot tightly and adapts to everyone - the material: a soft but firm elastomer foam. You can feel the support as soon as you slip your feet inside. And when you ride, there are no hard points.
  8. 3. The liner tightens with a 3 point textile inner lacing
    The liner in the Endzone boots is surrounded by textile inner lacing with 3 point tightening. This concept enables the tightening force to be evenly spread around the foot, for good foot stability in the boots.
  9. 4.Heel cushioning
    We have fitted a layer of PU foam under the insole (liner insole) to increase comfort under the heel when landing jumps.
  10. Insole
    The insole of this boot is 3 dimensional. This sole is pre-shaped at the heel and arch of the foot to help prevent the foot from moving inside the boot. It offers comfort and thermal insulation. If you feel you need to support your foot more securely in the liner, you have two options: get a sole that can be thermoformed to suit your foot. This is the most efficient solution.
  11. Sole: grip, traction, cushioning and thermal insulation
    Our Ultralight sole is 100% EVA. EVA is a very light material with 80% air. This formulation is designed to resist abrasion while keeping its damping properties. It is naturally very insulating and protects against the cold rising from the ground. We designed in large studs to offer you very good grip. Sufficiently far apart from each other, they help get rid of the snow.
  12. How can I be sure it's the right size?
    1. Put the boot on 2.Tighten the boot 3. Stand upright 4. Your big toes should just touch the tip of the boot without causing unpleasant pressure 5. Bend your legs forward, your big toes move backwards and no longer touch the end of the boot.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Upper of : 100.0% Polyurethane Outer sole of : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester Warm lining : 100.0% Polyester
  2. Approved by
    Dedicated snowboarders. Are you interested in becoming a tester? Contact us on our website!
  3. Storage advice
    At the end of the day, remove the liners from the uppers to improve ventilation and dry quickly. Also, remove the inner sole from the liner to dry fully in one night.
  4. Product information
    Infallible & separate top and bottom laces, optimised ankle support inner lacing and wheel tightening for strengthen and adjust ankle support. PU cushioning and thermoformable liner.
  5. Lab tested
    All Decathlon's Snowboarding products are tested in real conditions of use for which they were designed. Under the snow, in the cold, in all weather conditions when snowboarding on powder, in the snowpark, or on the runs. Our design teams, product manager