Omni Mx Hardcore 2.1kg Strawberry

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    Designed for weightlifters looking for an all in one solution to aid muscle growth, increase workout power and reduce workout fatigue

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    Product benefits
    1. Muscle development and maintenance
      Contains 55g of blended fast, medium and slow release protein and 6g of creatine
    2. Aids normal muscle function
      Contains 65% RI magnesium and 53% RI calcium to support normal muscle function
    3. Fatigue reduction
      Fatigue reduction
      A blend of vitamin B6 and magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
    Product feature
    1. How to use
      Add 3 heaped scoops (150g) to 400ml-500ml of water Shake for 5-10 seconds Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink
    2. When to use
      Take 1 serving 60 minutes before training and another serving immediately after On rest days take 1 serving in the morning and another in the evening Take a maximum of 2 servings per day
    3. Energy per 100g / 150g serving
      1565kJ / 370kcal 2348kJ / 554kcal
    4. Fat per 100g / 150g serving
      3.1g / 4.6g
    5. of which saturates per 100g / 150g serving
      2.1g / 3.2g
    6. Carbohydrates per 100g / 150g serving
      48g / 72g
    7. of which sugars per 100g / 150g serving
      4.7g / 7g
    8. Fibre per 100g / 150g serving
      2.2g / 3.3g
    9. Protein (on dry matter) per 100g / 150g serving
      36g / 55g
    10. Salt per 100g / 150g serving
      1g / 0.7g
    11. Other nutritional information
      VT-MX-T™ 451mg (% RI*) / 677mg (% RI*) Vitamin B6 1.7mg (119%) / 2.5mg (179%) Calcium 282mg (35%) / 423mg (53%) Magnesium 162mg (43%) / 243mg (65%) Zinc 5.6mg (56%) / 8.4mg (84%) Chromium 19.5µg (49%) / 29.3µg (73%) GRS 9™ Protein System 36g / 55g of which BCAAs 5.8g / 8.7g of which glutamine 5.8g / 8.7g Cross-Action™ Carbohydrates 48g / 72g Creatacore™ Creatine 4g / 6g L-arginine AKG 1380mg / 2070mg Beta alanine 1030mg / 1545mg HMB 1030mg / 1545mg L-taurine 694mg / 1041mg
    12. Other nutritional information cont.
      Oats/Avena sativa 145mg / 218mg Protease complex 138mg / 207mg Nettle leaf extract/Urtica dioica 138mg / 207mg Black pepper extract/Piper Nigrum L 3mg /4.5mg
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      Contains 5g protein for muscle growth, 2 forms of creatine to increase physical performance, 72g carbohydrates for muscle recovery and 554 calories per serving
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