Pomoca 90 mm Mix Cross-Country Skiing Skin

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    Designed for cross-country skis with a waist width of up to 90 mm.

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    Product benefits
    1. Versatility
      70% mohair/30 % nylon, a compromise between glide performance and edge hold.
    2. Traction
      Flexible water repellent weave, that is ideal when several climbs are involved.
    3. Compatibility
      Ideal for skis with a waist width of up to 80 mm, for a perfect profile.
    Product feature
    1. How to choose your skins?
      For skis (straight) with parallel sidecuts: choose between 2 to 4 mm less than the waist width. For skis with different sidecuts: choose skins that can be cut to size, while ensuring that they do not cover the edges (the ski has no edge hold, which is dangerous) and that the skins are not too narrow (the skins do not stick, which is dangerous). With some models, you can select skins pre-cut to the sidecuts of your skis.
    2. Which skin materials should I choose?
      Mohair: 100% hair weave. Advantage: Glide. Disadvantage: wear. Synthetic: 100% polyamide weave. Advantages: Resistance, grip Disadvantage: glide Mix: mix of mohair and synthetic fibres Advantage: good balance.
    3. Instructions
      Apply the skin using your hands to make sure that it is properly stuck to the base. Make sure that your ski bases are dry. Remove any snow and dry the sole with your gloves. If the skins are frozen, put them inside your jacket for a few minutes. Care instructions: For skins with glue, you can partly or fully re-glue them. For glueless skins, you can restore the original adhesive qualities by simply cleaning the surface with water.
    4. Materials
      Mohair: 100% woven hair strands Advantage: Good glide performance; Disadvantage: wears down more quickly. Synthetic: 100% polyamide weave; advantages: durability, good traction; disadvantage: less glide performance. Hybrid: mix of mohair and synthetic weave; advantage: good balance of glide and grip.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      70 % mohair 30 % nylon.
    2. Storage advice
      Take care to correctly fold your skins in on themselves and store them in a dry place after each use. Dry your climbing skins after each outing.
    3. Product catchline
      70 % mohair and 30 % nylon.
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