Prestige 2 MRS + wraparound SCUBA diving buoyancy vest

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    Designed for SCUBA divers.

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    Product benefits
    1. Anatomic design
      Improved adjustment:pivoting buckles, comfortable shoulders and chest.
    2. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Self-draining 3D pockets. Two releasable weight pockets + back weight pockets.
    3. User comfort
      Extended backpack with a handle & padded back to cushion the weight of the tank.
    4. Abrasion resistance
      Cover and bladder entirely made of Cordura 1000d.
    • Weight:
      4.7 kg in size M
    • Sizes
      S, M and L
    Product feature
    1. Type of buoyancy vest
      The Mares Prestige buoyancy compensator has an "enveloping" fit:The sides and the back of the diver are enveloped by the bladder.This type of bladder is characterised by a high lift capacity and a very comfortable position on the surface.
    2. Comfort of the buoyancy compensator
      The chest strap is horizontally and vertically adjustable, depending on torso length, body shape or the position of the drysuit valve.Provides versatility in the adjustment of the vest in order to best fit your configuration, for optimal comfort.Backpack with non-slip neutrally buoyant padding and carry handle.
    3. Ergonomic accessories
      The Prestige buoyancy vest has six attachment rings:4 stainless steel and 2 technopolymer.2 MRS+ releasable weight pockets:a simple click ensures easy and secure attachment of the weight pockets.Maximum load 6 kg/13 lbs.Velcro interior for dividing the pocket into multiple sections (M, L, XL). Two fixed weight pockets the back of the vest for balance (trim weight) up to 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs per pocket, secured with quick-release buckles.
    4. Ergo inflator
      Designed according to ergonomic guidelines, the ERGO inflator is the standard inflation and deflation control unit on Mares buoyancy vests. It is intuitive to use and very easy to handle.
    5. Weight and buoyancy
      Buoyancy:S = 150N (15.3 kg), M = 160N (16.3 kg), L = 200N (20.5 kg), XL = 235N (24 kg). Weight:4.7 kg (size M).
    6. Product composition
    7. Care advice
      1/ Rinse your buoyancy compensator thoroughly with clean water.Pay particular attention to the drains and the inflator.2/ Empty any water that may be contained in the buoyancy compensator by pulling the lower drain tab.Do not store water in the inflatable bladder.3/ Dry your buoyancy compensator on a wide hanger, out of the sun.Inspect your buoyancy compensator once a year and look for any signs of wear.Inflate the inflatable chamber by mouth, then wait 12 hours to see if it deflates.
    8. Storage advice
      It is important to store all diving equipment well clear of sources that produce ozone (electric motors, cookers, etc.) and to protect it against UV rays.If this is not the case, the seals can deteriorate more quickly, affecting your safety or the working order of the regulator.Keep your equipment in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
    9. Servicing buoyancy compensators
      Your buoyancy vest must be inspected and serviced by a certified Mares centre at least every two years, and more often if you are a frequent diver.After Sales Service:
    10. Weight
      4.7 kg (size M).
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Outer material: Cordura 1000 Inner material: Cordura 420 Laminated PU (Polyurethane) 4 stainless steel D-rings, 2 heavy duty D-rings 2 folding zipped pockets 2 outer pockets for the pressure gauge / console / octopus, second strap for attaching the cylinder 3 x dump valves: top right, bottom right and built into the inflater
    2. Storage advice
      Store on a hanger in a dry, ventilated place away from direct sunlight (make sure the buoyancy vest is slightly inflated).
    3. Cleaning advice
      Rinse in fresh water after each use.Drain any residual water from the inside.
    4. Product restrictions
      Diving requires the certification of a diving instructor.
    5. Product catchline
      PRESTIGE 2 MRS + diving buoyancy compensator. Made for those who make no compromises. New outer section with a greater lifting capacity .
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