Pro Quick'In Swimming Hand Paddles

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    Designed for advanced swimmers who want to build upper body strength and work on their swimming technique.

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    Product benefits
    1. Muscular workout
      For an intense upper-body workout and a fast swimming speed.
    2. Easy dressing
      Easy to fit thanks to the patented and exclusive QUICK'IN fin system.
    3. User comfort
      The QUICK'IN system can be precisely adjusted for a painless perfect fit.
    4. Stability
      Paddles stay securely in place as you swim thanks to the two-finger attachment.
    Product feature
    1. QUICK'IN system
      The patented and exclusive QUICK'IN system was designed and developed to make hand paddles easier to put on. It consists of a polypropylene fin and a piece of silicone attached under the surface of the paddle. The latter lets you adjust of the height of the fin by pressing upwards, for optimal comfort and hold of the paddle while swimming.
      You can fit the hand paddles in one of two ways: 1 - Attach the straps of your paddles to your wrists and use them like conventional paddles. 2- Use the QUICK'IN fin system on its own. In this case you must first remove the straps and wrist loops by sliding them through the slots in the paddles.
    3. SAFETY
      The edges of the paddles are made from SEBS soft plastic to avoid injury to yourself or others.
      Each pack contains two paddles.
    5. WHAT IS IT FOR?
      A paddle is a piece of swimming equipment used to work the upper body (arms, shoulders, chest). It is worn on the hands. Increases propulsion and speed in the water Lets you feel each stroke. Three sizes of paddles available (larger or smaller for more or less push against the water = power or frequency training).
      Like any large hand paddles, PRO hand paddles are very physically demanding and may cause injury if used by young swimmers or too intensively.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Blade : 72.0% Polypropylene (PP), 28.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene (SEBS) Structure : 100.0% Silicone Packaging : 100.0% Wood - Soft
    2. Storage advice
      Store paddles in a dry place.
    3. Cleaning advice
      Rinse paddles in fresh water after each use.
    4. Product catchline
      Essential equipment for improving performance. PRO QUICK'IN hand paddles enable an intensive upper-body workout and let you greatly increase your speed.
    Product reviews
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    2 reviews
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    • for expert swimmer

      Rossa (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      this product is a great workout for expert swimmers!
      You need to make a lot of effort to work out with this, hence a very powerful work out
    • Top notch - really works the shoulders

      Michael (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Bought these for a swim/run event and they are great. Easy to fit and very effective. I love the quick fit finger clamps - so much easier than straps. A couple of observations before you buy - these are large and if you're new to using paddles - get medium or small first. Secondly you have to have good stroke technique. If you 'drag' the paddle then your fingers will dislodge