XTREM-9 390 Carp Fishing Rod

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    Designed for for the carp angler looking to cast very long distances

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    Product benefits
    1. Flexibility
      The stiffness due to the tip action aids long distance casting
    2. Distance
      The 3.75 lbs test curve lets you cast weights up to 130 g more than 150 m
    3. Durability
      When this 100 % HM carbon fibre rod bends, you can feel its great strength
    4. Visibility
      Thanks to our UV headlamp, the MOON CONCEPT tip is visible in the dark
    5. Versatility
      With this versatile rod you can fish rivers, lakes and ponds.
    • Size
      13 ft (3.90 m)
    • Weight
      460 g
    • Test curve
      3.75 lbs
    • Transport lgth
      2.02 m
    • Casting weight
      Up to 150 g
    • No. of sections
    Product feature
      TEAM CAPERLAN engineers and designers developed and tested this product in Cestas, Gironde region. In the heart of the Landes region lie the big lakes and still waters that are famous throughout France for their big fish. The supercharged giant carp there really put our teams and our products to the test. SATISFIED ANGLERS, THAT'S WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR!
      Known as "fast action". The tip action of the Extrem-9 390 allows it to bend through the last third of its length to the tip. The rod's action is reduced, making the main body of these rods quite stiff. This means that the rod's action is reduced, ie it bends less when tension is applied by fish. The advantage is that the stiffness enables long distance casting
    3. Size
      Length 3.90 m: carp rods between 11 and 13 Feet long are more suited to carp fishing from the bank. Rods of this length tend to be more powerful for reaching long range swims. The dismantled length of the rod is 2,01 m. No. of sections: 2
    4. RING SIZE
      Fuji rings butt 50 mm, 30 mm, 20 mm, 16 mm, 12 mm and 12 mm tip. The important thing about Fuji rings is that they are lightweight and highly resistant to braid. You can use braid on your reels with no fear of damaging your rings. This is a prime criterion of choice if you use braid regularly.
      The rod rings are supported by 3 legs. These 3-leg guides are stronger for greater resistance to heavy duty casting.
    6. Reel seat
      The metal reel seat is adjustable This allows you to properly balance your outfit to optimize your casting Further information on:
    7. Weight
      460 g
    8. Casting weight
      The test curve of your rod is a gauge of two different but complementary characteristics: - The ability to resist a tensile force such as when playing a fish. -The rod's ability to cast a weight over a certain distance. The 3.75 lbs test curve will enable you to cast up to 130 g beyond 150m and master fish of all sizes with ease.
      The MOON CONCEPT tip lights up when hit by UV light (MOON CONCEPT head lamp recommended) See explanatory video here:
      Inverted press-fit: The lower (bigger) section has a slimmer cylindrical piece added to the upper end. This spigot press-fits into the end of the upper section. The spigot joint improves the through action of the rod.
      Everyday maintenance is simple: just clean your rods with warm soapy water, and then rinse and dry them carefully, paying special attention to the joints. This step is very important to make sure you remove any sand which can damage your rods
      How do I go about casting a long way? Explanatory video at the following link:
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Structure : 100.0% Carbon fibre (CF)
    2. Storage advice
      Ensure that your rod is dry before storing.To extend the life of your rods, remember to remove the lead before stowing the rod in its cover
    3. Product restrictions
      Do not use near to electrical power sources or during storms.
    4. Product catchline
      The high modulus carbon blank and fast action provides very good casting action. It enables fishing in the presence of obstacles and in strong currents.
    5. Lab tested
      The strength of the rod has been tested using rigs 50% heavier than the rated load. However, for optimal performance, it is important to use rigs suited to the rod's casting weight.
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