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general terms of use


These terms of use are agreed upon by all Internet users using the website (hereinafter - the User) and UAB DECATHLON LIETUVA, registered in the Register of Companies under number 304590430, located at Vikidaus str. 5, LT-02188, Vilnius (hereinafter - the Provider), which provides its users with the website DECATHLON.LT, hereinafter referred to as www.decathlon.lt or DECATHLON.LT, and the services offered on the website.

The website DECATHLON.LT belongs to the DECATHLON GROUP. The DECATHLON GROUP consists of DECATHLON SA and all companies directly or indirectly owned by it, in which at least 10% of the capital or voting rights are held by DECATHLON SA (hereinafter DECATHLON subsidiaries or DECATHLON GROUP companies).

The website DECATHLON.LT is a website, usually accessible at www.decatlon.lt, where Users can use the services described in Article 2.

DECATHLON.LT allows its website to be used only by those Users who are natural persons and who use it with the usual frequency. The use of the Website for professional purposes or in the course of additional professional activities is strictly prohibited for any natural or legal person.

In these terms and conditions, the term “use” defines all actions of an Internet user from accessing the Website, including simply opening it, regardless of the device used to access it (i.e. computer, tablet and smartphone), type of connection (private, third party or public). wireless network) and connection points (from Lithuania or abroad).

These conditions must always be observed when accessing the Website and the User agrees to them without reservation. These conditions are subject to change. The applicable terms and conditions shall be deemed to be those in effect on the Website at the time it is used.

find the goods and services offered by DECATHLON;
online shopping;
to express an opinion on the goods sold by the DECATHLON GROUP;
to publish photos and / or video material related to the goods sold by the DECATHLON GROUP;
participate in the various games and competitions offered on the Website.
The list of functions is for information only. The Website reserves the right to add or remove them temporarily or permanently without the prior consent of the User.

2.1 The Website is intended for adult individuals, as well as minors with parental permission. In any case, DECATHLON.LT encourages all persons responsible for minors to control their use of the Website.

2.2 In order to use the services offered on the Website, it may be necessary to create an account in which the User's personal data will be provided. The consumer agrees to provide accurate and complete personal data and not to misrepresent the identity of a third party, which could result in legal liability. Failing this, the Website reserves the right not to approve, suspend or delete the account.


3.1 In order to encourage communication between Users, DECATHLON.LT may offer them various services and tools for uploading content to the Website. These Terms define as Content everything the User uploads to the Website: text, comment, image, photo, video or any type of file, regardless of its content or form.

3.2 The user is responsible for everything that may happen using his name and using the Website from his computer. If the User has reason to believe that his nickname or e-mail If the e-mail address is or may be known to an unauthorized person, he / she undertakes to notify the Website immediately. The Website is not responsible if the User's data is used by a third party without permission.

3.3 The Website may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. Under no circumstances may the user upload commercial information or take any commercial on the Website, regardless of its form or nature.



- does not commit any illegal activity;

- does not attempt to extract or collect personal data of Website users by any means;

- does not extract, record or use the data for purposes other than providing access to this Website, third party content protected by intellectual property rights or privacy rights, or containing personal data or data protected by image rights;

- not protect, disseminate or publish any illegal, harmful, offensive, racist, hateful, disinformation, discriminatory, pornographic, violating moral norms that promote harmful habits that threaten the privacy or property rights of third parties, in particular whether property, intellectual property rights or third parties' rights to privacy or honor and dignity, and any other content the storage, distribution and / or publication of which is prohibited or restricted by applicable law;

- does not store, disseminate or publish any information that reveals, directly or indirectly, political, philosophical or religious views, trade union affiliation, health status or sexual orientation;

- does not upload content on behalf of a third party;

- does not use the identity of a third party, create accounts on behalf of non-existent persons and / or disclose any personal information relating to a third party;

- does not store, distribute or publish any content that may directly or indirectly harm the interests of the DECATHLON GROUP;

In general, the User undertakes to refrain from any behavior that is contrary to ethics, especially sports, or the values ​​and interests of the DECATHLON GROUP.



The general structure of the Website and its Content and its individual elements (specifically texts, graphics, images, audio-visual material, etc.) are the exclusive property of the Provider, DECATHLON GROUP companies or their partners. All rights in the drawings and models, trademarks, marks, domains, inventions and / or patents, know-how, computer programs and databases provided on the Website, as well as copyright and related rights in the Website, its elements and the Content contained therein are protected. Any copying and / or reproduction and / or use of the Content and Services on the Website, in whole or in part, regardless of the manner in which it is done, without the prior and written consent of the Provider and / or DECATHLON GROUP companies and / or their affiliates permission is strictly prohibited.

With respect to this Content, the DECATHLON GROUP grants Users a non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable license to access, browse and use the Website only on a regular basis. This license does not grant any other rights to Users, in particular any right to use the Content for commercial purposes.


All Content that may be published by the User (specifically texts, comments, files, images, photographs, videos, works, etc.) and that is protected by proprietary, intellectual property, image or other proprietary rights remains the property of the User. , except for the limited rights granted to the DECATHLON GROUP under the above license, or, in individual cases, subject to other special pre - agreed terms for specific services that may be provided on the DECATHLON GROUP websites. By using the Photo Sharing Service, Users decide whether or not to post Content on the Website and agree to make the Content public and freely available online. They agree that the Content may be used in certain commercial communications of the DECATHLON GROUP.

Users acknowledge, agree and warrant that they will have all rights and permissions required for such posting on the Website and, in particular, will comply with applicable laws and without prejudice to privacy, property, intellectual property, image, contractual provisions and other rights. By posting Content on the Website, Users understand that they are legally responsible as publishers of the Content and grant DECATHLON a non-exclusive, royalty-free, global license to the Content for the duration of the posting, which includes the right to reproduce, copy, download, publish, transmit, store, publish , adapt, modify, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, broadcast, retransmit, and otherwise make available to the public, including through public computer networks (the Internet), and transfer the license to DECATHLON affiliates, technical partners, and other Users of the Website.

Users also allow their name to be associated with Content and agree that it may sometimes be unrelated (authorship may be omitted).

By posting Content, Users consent to the Content being automatically made available (and elsewhere) on the Internet, that is, on other DECATHLON GROUP websites and / or blogs and / or webpages, including DECATHLON GROUP social network accounts, and agreeing to share it DECATHLON GROUP Websites Users. Users may request that DECATHLON discontinue the Content in accordance with Article 7 of these Terms of Use.



6.1.1 The User visits and uses the Website at his own risk and agrees to the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and acknowledges, inter alia, that the Provider is not responsible for the Internet access services and does not control by any means what data may be transmitted through its server center.

The Website may contain links to other websites. By clicking on these links, the User acknowledges that DECATHLON.LT cannot provide guarantees regarding their content, and therefore agrees to visit them at its own risk. Therefore, DECATHLON.LT will not be liable for any damage caused by visiting and / or using the Website and the information contained therein.

In addition, the Provider cannot guarantee that the Website and / or services will be available in terms of the duration and quality of the response and that the data transmission will be reliable and efficient.

The Provider will not be liable in the event that it is not possible to access the Website and / or use the Services.

In addition, the User is informed that DECATHLON.LT may at any time, without notice, temporarily terminate access to the Website for technical reasons, in particular due to maintenance work. The consumer agrees to such interference and waives claims in this regard.

Therefore, DECATHLON.LT, and more generally - DECATHLON GROUP is in no way responsible for the following (the list is not exhaustive):

- for any information provided on the Website that DECATHLON.LT has not published on the Internet;

- for network malfunction that would cause the Website to malfunction;

- for loss, alteration, distortion of any data;

- for improper operation of any computer program;

- for any computer virus, program error, malfunction or failure;

- for any damage to the User's computer.

6.1.2 DECATHLON.LT cannot be responsible for the activities of other Users or the Content placed on the Website. Content that is illegal or does not comply with the requirements / values ​​of DECATHLON.LT will be removed from the Website without prior notice.

DECATHLON.LTa is not a priori obliged to check the quality, reliability, authenticity or legality of the Content provided by Users.


6.2.1 By using the Website, the User agrees not to hold the DECATHLON GROUP liable and personally liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses and / or pecuniary obligations arising from:

- any claims of a third party regarding the Content submitted on behalf of the User, including violation of the rights of third parties by the User by posting the Content on the Website and / or violation of public information legislation by posting and / or publishing the material on the Website;

- any activity related to participation in the Website that is contrary to these general terms and conditions, including the intent to defraud;

- breach of these terms of use of the Website.

6.2.2 DECATHLON.LT draws the attention of its Users to the fact that, in addition to the need to ensure that the rights of third parties (copyright, related rights, image rights) are not violated, publishing or sharing photos, images or videos is also necessary without violating sports ethics norms and values ​​of the DECATHLON GROUP. All inappropriate Content will be systematically removed from the Website.


7.1 DECATHLON.LT will be able to cancel any registration and / or delete any profile and / or Content and / or any information published on the Website and / or prohibit the use of the Website and / or access to it upon learning that: The user does not comply with these general terms of use, or for technical reasons. Such change or removal may be made immediately, without prior notice or notice, at any time, solely at DECATHLON.LT's discretion.

By using the Abuse Reporting Procedure, any User may notify the Website that it contains Content that may violate these Terms of Use and add any explanations required to investigate the request.

7.2 The User may also request the removal of the Content uploaded to the Website. To do so, he must write a letter requesting the removal of the Content by this email. email: [email protected]. The request must provide the information necessary to identify such Content to be removed. The following information is required to remove Content uploaded through the Photo Sharing Service: The name used to upload the Content. email address, year of upload, Content title.

DECATHLON.LT will process all reasonable and lawful requests in the near future, but does not guarantee that it will (immediately) revoke access to the Content, and the User agrees that DECATHLON.LT accepts no responsibility, in particular for the duration of the User's request, technical restrictions or technical the ability to respond to the User's request, especially in the event that the Content has been intercepted by third parties.


Lithuanian law applies to these general terms of use.

If there are any claims against the Provider, the User must state them in writing and submit them to [[email protected]. In the event that the User does not receive a response within 14 days, or if the Provider does not satisfy the User's claims, the User has the right to resolve the dispute by contacting the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus St. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail office [email protected], tel. 852626751, website www.vvtat.lt), or to its territorial offices, or fill in the application form on the EGS platform https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2. show & lng = LT).

In the event of a dispute which cannot be settled amicably, the competent court shall be the court of the defendant's domicile. In any case, if the action is brought by the Consumer, the competent court is chosen by the Consumer: the court of his place of residence or the court of the defendant's domicile.