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1. What Does This Privacy Policy Mean?

This privacy policy (hereinafter the ‘Privacy Policy’) provides information on the processing by UAB “Decathlon Lietuva” (hereinafter ‘Decathlon Lietuva’) of your personal data that are obtained: (i) in the course of purchasing goods or services from Decathlon Lietuva; (ii) registration for an account; (iii) as Decathlon Lietuva performs direct marketing activities; (iv) when you participate in Decathlon Lietuva events; (v) when you participate in Decathlon Lietuva selections; (vi) in the course of performance of agreements with partners and suppliers who are legal persons; (vii) when you submit inquiries to us; (viii) as you perform active actions in Decathlon Lietuva social media accounts; (xix) ensuring security of employees and clients, protection of property (video surveillance). 
Hereinafter all indicated persons whose data are processed by Decathlon Lietuva shall be referred to as ‘Customers’. The Privacy Policy also provides certain responsibilities of the Customers which must be complied with when visiting websites https://www.decathlon.lt (hereinafter the ‘Website’).

2. About Decathlon Lietuva

UAB Decathlon Lietuva, legal entity number 304590430, office address at Vikingų g. 5, LT-02182 Vilnius, data of the company are collected and stored in the Vilnius branch of the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania. Contact details for personal data matters: data protection officer‘s e-mail [email protected].

3. What Personal Data we do process?

Personal data are any information about the Customer collected by Decathlon Lietuva that may be used for the Customer identification and is stored electronically or in any other manner.
Personal data include any information, including the Customer’s name, surname, address and IP address, which is collected by Decathlon Lietuva about the Customers for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy or during a separate meeting with the Customer, or in the agreement with Decathlon Lietuva.
These data shall also include publicly available personal information of the Customers accessed by Decathlon Lietuva when the Customer contacts Decathlon Lietuva via any social media networks or performs active actions in Decathlon Lietuva social media accounts.

4. Personal Data Processed When the Customer Purchases Goods on Website

The purpose of data processing is shopping, returns, exchanges online on Website. 
The following personal data shall be processed: name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth, place of residence (address), phone number, information related to the purchase (date of purchase, description of goods and services, price, quantity, payment method), invoice and data indicated in it. These data are necessary and if you do not provide them we will not be able to deliver goods or provide services to you.
Term of data processing: documents confirming the conclusion of agreements are stored for 10 years as of the day of conclusion or expiration of the agreement (where the agreement is of continuous manner). Basis for the data processing is the performance of the agreement and legal obligation.

5. Direct Marketing

We will send offers for the sale of goods and provision of services of Decathlon Lietuva, newsletters and other advertising material to persons, over 14 yers of age, who have provided their contact details and have expressed a wish to receive information about the goods and/or services offered by Decathlon Lietuva via electronic communication means (e-mail, phone, text messages), also ask for their opinion on provided services and purchased goods, and notify them of Decathlon Lietuva news. Decathlon Lietuva will process the following personal data for direct marketing purposes: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address (data necessary in order to be able to send you direct marketing messages). 
Your data will be used for direct marketing purposes for 3 (three) years as of the receipt of your consent. 
If you are our Customer and have not objected to Decathlon Lietuva direct marketing messages, we will send you messages about goods and services similar to those purchased by or provided to you by e-mail on the basis of our legitimate interest.
You have the right to refuse direct marketing at any time by contacting us via e-mail on [email protected].

6. Contact Us 

There are several ways how you can contact Decathlon Lietuva: by phone, e-mail, text messages on Website or via social media accounts. We personally accept, review and reply to all messages. If you contact us, we can process the following data belonging to you: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, date, your nickname used in social media networks, and text of messages. 
Such data will be processed in order to prepare for the performance of agreement or to answer your questions. If you do not provide your contact details, we will not be able to contact you.
Please note that the Website can also use e-mail monitoring or blocking software and you must ensure that your e-mails do not contain unlawful content.
Electronic messages will be stored for 1 (one) year as of the receipt of the message except for information that must be stored for other terms pursuant to the Privacy Policy or legal acts.
All personal data provided by you in the course of communication with us will be used only for the aforementioned purposes and to review messages and administer and manage the communication flows. We undertake not to use your personal data without your express consent in any publications in such a way that would allow identifying you.
Please note that we may have to contact you by post, e-mail or phone. Please notify us of any changes of your personal data.

7. Social Media

Currently, we have the following accounts: 
- „Facebook“, which privicy notice is available at https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation;
- „Instagram“, which privicy notice is available at https://help.instagram.com/519522125107875;
- „LinkedIn“, which privicy notice is available at https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy. 
The information you provide to us on social media (including messages, the use of the Like and Follow fields, and other communications) is controlled by the social network manager. We recommend reading the privacy statements of third parties and contact service providers directly if you have any questions about the ways they use your personal data. 

8. Participation in Decathlon Lietuva Event

If you grant your consent, the fact of your participation, name, surname, photo, video recordings will be used to notify the public about the Decathlon Lietuva events, increase the visibility of Decathlon Lietuva, and notify the companies of Decathlon fgroup about events organised by Decathlon Lietuva. We promise not to damage your reputation and dignity by using such photos. With your consent, your photos can be published in Decathlon Lietuva social media accounts and on its website. 
Mass media representatives can publish your photos only in compliance with the legal requirements applicable to them; however, Decathlon Lietuva will not be responsible for the actions of mass media representatives. 
Photos will be published and stored for 5 years from the event or provision of consent (whichever happens later), except in cases permitted by laws.

9. Participation in the Selections

Participation in the Selections
In the course of employee search and selection Decathlon Liettuva processes personal data of the candidates as follows:
For the purpose of searching for candidates on LinkedIn, other professional social networs, and other public sources, Decathlon Lietuva processes personal data of the natural persons matchning the search criteria: search criteria, name, surname, other information provided on the public profile of the social network, communication with the potential candidate (via social media networks, or other contacts provided on their social media accounts). Processing of personal data is base don the legitimate interest of Decathlon Lietuva. 
Until the answer on the participation in the employee selection process is received from the contacted potential candidate (in the event the contacted candidate does not wish to participate in the selection, the personal data is immediately deleted, in the event the contacted candidate agrees to participate in the selection process - the personal data is further processed on the basis of the consent, in the event there is no answer from the candidate - the personal data is stored until the end of the specific selection process).
For the purpose of candidate selection (handling applications, evaluation of the candidates) Decathlon Lietuva processeses the following personal data of the candidates: name, surname, address (city), e-mail address, telephone number, links to professional social media accounts / information provided on professional social media accounts (optional), current employer / company (optional), data provided in CV / Resume, motivational letter (optional), summary, (optional), responses to screening questions, assessment results, selection stage (possible selection stages (categories): disqualified, sourced, applied, screen, interview, shortlisted, offer, hired). 
In order to facilitate the selection process, Decathlon Lithuania uses the TalentLyft program, which provides the opportunity to use automated tests, automatically analyze the data submitted by candidates, and filter candidates according to selected criteria. These technologies are only used for the initial processing of information in order to reduce the administrative burden. Recruitment decisions are made by the selection specialists.
Based on our legitimate interest, we will process the data on the person indicated by the candidate (name, surname, e-mail, telephone, information provided by the person) - former or current employer or person providing the recommendation, the information provided by him / her for the purpose of selection. We will erase this data at the end of the selection.
Perosnal data is stored until the completion of the particular selection process and erased within 3 working days after the completion of the selection procedure. In the event a separate consent of the kandidate is received, the personal data is stored for 3 years from the receipt of the consent in order to offer the kandidate to participate in the future candidate selections.
Candidates are included in the candidate database only with their consent. For the purpose of administration of candidate database candidates are divided into pools based on the following criteria (perosnal data): position, residence (city), location of the shop to which the candidate applied, source of information on candidates (career fairs, events organised by the Decathlon, etc.). Categorization is based on  don the legitimate interest of Decathlon Lietuva.
For the purpose of communication with the candidates through TalentLyft platform Decathlon Lietuva will process the following personal data of the candidates: name, surname, contact details (email address, phone number), information on sent and received messages (time, date, sender, receiver), reaction to the sent messages (sent, opened, clicked, replied, failed), information on dates, topics, and results of any other communication (either via e-mail, phone call, or other type).
Perosnal data is stored for 3 working days after the completion of the particular selection process.
The provider of the TalentLyft program (AdoptoTech d.o.o) transfers e’mail address processed for this purpose to the sub-processor established in the third country (Mailgun Technologies, Inc.). The contract under the Standard Contractual Clauses adopted by the EC has been concluded with this sub-processor. You can find the respective contract by clicking this link.
After appsubmission of the application you will gain access to the Candidate Portal. AdoptoTech d.o.o. is the data controller of your personal data processed for the purpose of providing access to the Candidate Portal. For more information please see TalentLyft Candidate Privacy Policy.

10. Performance of Decathlon Lietuva Agreements

Decathlon Lietuva processes personal data of its customers, employees of suppliers or service providers (legal persons) and data of suppliers or service providers (natural persons) in order to perform the agreement concluded between Decathlon Lietuva and the aforementioned persons. In such case, Decathlon Lietuva will process the following personal data belonging to you: name, surname, date of birth, phone, e-mail address, messaging content, date, data you indicate when you log in or create the account of the company represented by you on the Website, and other data related to the performance of the agreement. 
The basis for the processing of data of customers, employees of service providers or suppliers of Decathlon Lietuva is the legitimate interest of Decathlon Lietuva. 
If you provide services or sell goods as a natural person, Decathlon Lietuva will process your personal data on the basis of performance of the agreement.
Personal data indicated in this section will be processed as long as the agreement is in effect. If personal data are indicated in the agreement, they will be stored for 10 years as of the date of expiration of the agreement.

11. Ensuring security of employees and clients, protection of property (video surveillance)

In order to ensure the security of the Decathlon Lietuva employees, customers and other persons entering the field of video surveillance, to ensure the protection of property, as well as to record and preserve evidence of incidents (property damage, thefts, wrongdoings, accidents of employee injuries, other accidents, etc.), to investigate such cases (video surveillance), Decathlon Lietuva process the video data of its employees and clients and other persons entering the field of video surveillance security on the grounds of legitimate interest. The data subject's video data is recorded by the Decathlon Lietuva video surveillance equipment when you visit the Decathlon Lietuva territory (parking lot) and premises.
These data will be stored for 1 (one) month.

12. Shopping analysis and planning

In order to ensure its legitimate interest, Decathlon Lithuania processes customer data about their purchase history for shopping analysis and planning purposes.
These data are stored for 1 (one) year.

13. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file in alphanumeric format that we place with your consent on your browser or hard disk. We use different cookies for different purposes. Cookies also help us to differentiate you from other users of the Website, thus providing a more pleasant experience of using the Website and allowing us to improve the Website.
Most browsers allow you to reject all cookies, and some browsers allow you to reject only third-party cookies. So you can take advantage of these opportunities. However, please note that blocking all cookies will have a negative effect on the use of the Website, and without cookies you will not be able to use all the services provided on the Website. More information is available at AllAboutCookies.org or www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.
We use the cookies described below, for a detailed list of which you will find HERE.
(a) Cookies are absolutely necessary.
These cookies are necessary for our website to work. The basis of the data processed by such cookies is the proper execution of the contract when you visit the Website, and we ensure the quality and security of the visit. These can be cookies, which, for example, allow you to log in and access secure areas of our website, use the shopping cart feature or email. account services.
(b) Analytical and / or performance cookies.
These cookies allow us to identify and count visitors to our website and to track how visitors navigate our website. This helps us improve the performance of the site, such as ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for. The basis for the processing of the data collected by these cookies is your consent.
(c) Functional cookies.
These cookies are used to identify you when you return to our website so that we can tailor the content provided to your needs, remember the information relevant to you. The basis for the processing of the data collected by these cookies is your consent.
(d) Commercial cookies.
We use our own and third-party cookies to display personalized advertising on our own and other websites. This is called "remarketing," which is based on browsing activity, such as the products you search for and view.

14. Disclosure of Data

We can disclose information about you to our employees, managers, agents, service providers such as debt administration or recovery companies, persons or subcontractors providing marketing and IT services, other companys of the Decathlon group if the same is reasonably required for the respective purposes, as indicated in this Privacy Policy. 
Moreover, we can disclose information about you: 
if we must do this under the law;
in order to protect our rights or interests (including the provision of your data to third parties in order to recover your debts to us);
in order to sell a part of Decathlon Lietuva activities or assets, where we disclose your personal data to the potential buyer of the activities or a part thereof;
having sold the activities of Decathlon Lietuva or a substantial part thereof to third parties. 
Your personal data will not be transferred to third countries and/or international organisations.
Except in cases provided in this Privacy Policy, we do not transfer your personal data to any third parties. 
The list of recipients and categories of recipients provided in the Privacy Policy may change; therefore, if you wish to be notified of any changes to the recipients of your personal data, please inform us via e-mail provided in this Privacy Policy indicating in the e-mail as follows: “I wish to receive information on the changes to the recipients of my personal data, name, surname”. 

15. Security of Your Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed pursuant to the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal acts. In the course of processing of your personal data, we implement organisational and technical measures which ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure and any other unlawful processing.

16. Your Rights

This section contains information about your rights related to the processing of your personal data carried out by us and cases where you can exercise these rights. If you would like to receive more information on your rights or to exercise them, please contact us via e-mail indicated in this Privacy Policy.
Decathlon Lietuva will provide information on actions taken on a request with regard to implementation of your rights without undue delay and in any event within 1 (one) month of receipt of the request. In consideration of the request complexity and the number of received requests, the aforementioned term may be extended for 2 (two) further months. In this case, we will notify you of such term extension and reasons for it within 1 (one) month as of the receipt of request. Decathlon Lietuva will refuse to implement your rights only in cases provided for in the legal acts.

16.1. Right to Consent Withdrawal

If you have given us your explicit consent to the processing of your data, you can withdraw it at any time. 

16.2. Right to Access Your Personal Data

We want you to fully understand how we use your personal data and not to experience any inconvenience because of that. You can contact us at any time and ask if we process any of your personal data. If we store or use your personal data in any way, you have the right to access them. If you wish to do this, please submit a written request to us at the address indicated in this Privacy Policy and confirm your identity. Please comply to the fairness and reasonableness principles when submitting such request.

16.3. Right to Request More Information

We hope that you will understand that it is very difficult to discuss all possible methods of collection and use of personal data. We try to provide as explicit and comprehensive information as possible and undertake to update this Privacy Policy if there are any changes to the personal data use process. Nevertheless, if you have any questions about the use of your personal data, we will be happy to answer them or will provide you with all additional information that we can disclose. If you have any specific questions or did not understand the provided information, please contact us.

16.4. Additional Rights

Below, you will find information about your additional rights that you can exercise in compliance with the following procedure.
You have the right to request us to rectify any inaccuracies of data held by us. In this case, we may ask you to confirm the rectified information.
You have the right to ask us to erase your personal data. This right will be implemented in cases provided in Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
You have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data or to object to their processing:
during the period required for us to verify the accuracy of your personal data when you submit claims with regard to data accuracy;
in cases of unlawful collection, storage or use of your personal data where you decide not to request the erasure of data;
when we do not need your personal data anymore, but you need them for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims;
during the period required to determine if we have an overriding legal basis to continue processing your personal data if you exercise your right to object to the processing of your personal data.
You have the right to the portability of data obtained by us under your consent or for the purpose of agreement conclusion. If you exercise this right, we will transfer a copy of the data provided by you.
You have the right to object to use of your personal data by us:
in cases where we use such data in order to implement our legitimate interests, but we do not have an overriding legal basis to continue using your personal data; or
at any time when we use your personal data to send newsletters or for direct marketing purposes. In such case, the data will not be used for these purposes anymore; however, they may be used for other legitimate purposes.

17. Complaints

If you believe that your rights of the data subject have been and/or may be violated, please promptly contact us via e-mail indicated in this Privacy Policy. We ensure that as soon as we receive your complaint, we will contact you within the reasonable period and inform you about the complaint handling process, and then about its result.
If the handling results are unsatisfactory to you, you will be able to submit a claim to the supervisory authority – the State Data Protection Inspectorate (www.ada.lt).

18. Liability

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and submitted data and for any actions (transfer of data, submitted orders, etc.) performed on our Website after logging in with your login data. You may not disclose your password to third parties. If a third party who has logged in to the Website using your login data uses services provided on our Website, we consider that you are the logged in person. If you lose your login data, you must promptly notify us by post, phone, fax or e-mail.
You are responsible for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of your data submitted to us. In case of any changes to the data submitted by you, you must promptly notify us about that by e-mail. We will in no way be responsible for the damage incurred by you due to the provision of inaccurate or incomplete personal data or failure to notify us about changes to them.

19. decathlon se

Decathlon SE, registration address: 4 boulevard de Mons 59650 Villeneuve-d Ascq, Lille, France, is a parent company of UAB Decathlon Lietuva.

20. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We may update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Such updated or amended Privacy Policy will come into effect as of its publication on our Website. You should check it from time to time and make sure that you find the current version of Privacy Policy acceptable.
After making an update to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you about any changes that we consider material by publishing them on the Website. If you log in to the Website after the publication of such notice, you consent to the new requirements indicated in the update. ‘Updated on’ date indicated below shows the date of the latest update to the Privacy Policy. The latest update to the Privacy Policy was made on [14.02.2022].