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The application of these conditions to mutual relations is agreed between UAB DECATHLON LIETUVA, registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, legal entity code 304590430, registered office address Vikidaus str. 5, LT-02188, Vilnius (hereinafter - DECATHLON.LT or the Website), and each person purchasing on the DECATHLON.LT Website (hereinafter - the Customer), together referred to as the Parties.
The customer declares that he is an adult or has parental permission and has the legal capacity to enter into contracts, so he can place orders on this Website. The website provides delivery to Customers living in Lithuania.
The parties agree that their relationship is governed exclusively by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. These conditions are subject to change. The relationship between the Parties shall be deemed to be governed by the terms and conditions in force at the time the order is placed on the Website.
Our offers to purchase goods and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the Website, except in special cases where the validity period is specified on the Website. Customers are asked to check the availability of the goods sold on the product information page.
In case the product ordered in the warehouse is not available after placing the order due to transport problems or non-compliance, DECATHLON.LT reserves the right to cancel the order of the unavailable product (s), provided that it notifies the Customer by e-mail. by mail and will refund the amount paid by the Customer no later than within 15 days from the date of payment made by the Customer.
If several products are ordered and one of them turns out to be unavailable, then DECATHLON.LT Internet user by e-mail. informs by letter that it is not possible to send the missing goods and takes action to return the money. The remaining part of the order is executed and it is sent to the Customer within the deadline specified on the Website.
The customer can also choose to cancel his order completely, provided that he informs DECATHLON.LT customer service center in advance by e-mail. by post as specified in the terms of Article 5.
In order to place an order, the Customer must register on the Website. He shall provide the required identifying information on the registration form. DECATHLON.LT provides him with a confidential identification name (hereinafter - identifier) ​​provided that all information provided by the Customer is accurate. Identification is performed by entering the Customer's e-mail. e-mail address and the identifier provided to him by DECATHLON.LT. Each time you place an order, the Customer will need to identify themselves on the Website. DECATHLON.LT is not responsible if it does not receive the order or any information due to an error or inaccuracy of the intentional or unintentional identification data provided by the Customer when filling in the registration form.
To place an order on the Website, follow these steps:
- create your shopping cart;
- Log in with your credentials.
- select the delivery method;
- choose a payment method;
- agree to the terms of these rules and the General Terms of Use of the Website;
- confirm that you agree with your choices and finally confirm the order;
- pay for the order;
When the order is ready to be sent, DECATHLON.LT e. sends the Customer a confirmation of sending the order by e-mail.
The prices in EUR on the website are indicated with all taxes applicable in Lithuania. Prices in the physical store and e-store may vary.
The applicable VAT rate is applicable at the time of booking. The prices of DECATHLON.LT products are indicated without transportation costs, the prices of some packages or even the prices of some additional services selected by the Customer.
The Customer reads them in the last window before finally confirming the payment and order.
In addition, the Customer is informed that the products and services offered and the prices offered for purchase at DECATHLON physical points of sale in Lithuania do not apply to purchases on the DECATHLON.LT Website and vice versa.
The consumer can pay for the goods by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or bank transfer (via Trustly).
If you choose to pay by bank card, your bank account will be immediately charged for the goods and services you have selected. Only after receiving payment for the goods, your order or part of it will start to be prepared and ready to be shipped.
When paying online, the bank that issued your card (another institution) applies the identification and transfer confirmation procedures. We are not responsible if for any reason the bank (other institution) that issued your card does not authorize you to make the payment. Please note that the card issuing bank (another institution) may charge you for certain transactions or electronic service. We are not responsible for that.
We ensure the security of your bank card payment through a third party, the company responsible for processing your payments. Your bank details are transmitted to the said third party company using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol encryption system, so that they do not enter the information system of the Website and are not accessible to the Website or its employees.
If you decide to keep your bank card details on the Website so that you no longer have to enter the same information for another payment, we undertake to use only one key to secure payment for the transaction, together with other information, when a third party stores and processes all your bank card details.
As part of our anti-fraud controls, which are designed to protect our customers' transactions, we may be required to ask for your e-mail before confirming your order. provide one or more valid proofs of your place of residence and / or a copy of your identity card by letter. The order will be final when the Website receives these documents and a confirmation email is sent to you. If we do not receive these documents or if they do not provide definitive proof of the identity or actual residence of the person placing the order, we reserve the right not to accept the order.
The website also reserves the right to reject an order if there have been previous disputes over payment or an unusually large number of orders.
In order to prove our contractual relationship, orders are archived on a secure medium. You can view them on the Website in the "My Account" section. Unless otherwise noted, the software records of Us and Our suppliers, maintained under acceptable security conditions, collect evidence of all transactions between Us. In any case, we recommend that you keep the confirmation email. letters.
Products are delivered to the address specified in the Customer's order and only in the territory of Lithuania.
In case of delivery to the general address, the Customer agrees that the DECATHLON.LT order delivery service is considered to have been provided upon actual delivery to the general address specified in the order, even if the product is accepted by a third party; from the moment of delivery of the products, all related risks pass from DECATHLON.LT to the Customer, even if they have been delivered to a third party.
Delivery terms specified on the website are calculated from the removal of the products ordered by the Customer from the DECATHLON.LT warehouse. Delivery time may not exceed 30 days from the date of order confirmation on the Website. The Customer is informed about the dispatch of the ordered products by e-mail.

DECATHLON.LT retains full ownership of the goods ordered by the Customer until the Internet user / Customer fulfills all its obligations, ie pays the full set price, with interest if necessary.

According to the applicable legal provisions, the Customer may cancel the contract within 365 days from the date of delivery of the order. The right of withdrawal does not apply to:
purchasing perishable products such as foodstuffs;
when purchasing audio or video recording media, computer programs, if the Customer has unpacked them;
purchasing products manufactured according to the Customer's instructions or personalized (adapted to the user's personal needs);
when purchasing packaged products which, after unpacking, become unfit for return for health or hygiene reasons.
subscribing to services if the services have been provided in full or ordering the provision of digital content if the digital content has been provided.
The right of withdrawal shall be exercised as follows. Return costs in this case are covered by DECATHLON.LT.
In order to cancel the contract, the Customer must receive a return number identifying the reason for the return. To do so, the Customer must log in to the "My Account" section => "Track Your Orders" and report the problem. After doing so, he will receive a refund number.
The customer undertakes to return the refused goods to the nearest DECATHLON store or by contacting the Customer Service Department by e-mail: [email protected] The Customer Service Department staff will order the return of the returned goods from the Customer by courier. The customer does not choose the method of sending the goods, but must return the returned goods carefully and add the return number (s) to the parcel by printing it from the Website. The cost of sending the returned goods is borne by DECATHLON.LT.
Only refunds with a refund number will be accepted. Otherwise, the refund is considered incorrect and DECATHLON.LT does not make the payment (does not refund the amount paid).
Failure to send the Products to the Customer within the aforementioned 365-day period shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of the Customer's right to terminate the Agreement.
In case the Customer follows the previously set return procedure and term, the money is returned within 14 days from the cancellation of the contract, but not earlier than DECATHLON.LT receives the returned goods. If paid by bank card, the money is returned directly to the Customer's account linked to the card.
If only a part of the order is returned, DECATHLON.LT will refund the transportation costs (one way) to the Customer in proportion to the total amount of the order. If the entire order is returned, DECATHLON.LT will refund the Customer all transportation costs (one way) of the order.
Irrespective of the additional contractual guarantees that may be provided to the Customer, DECATHLON.LT must provide a guarantee for the goods sold in accordance with the law.
Some of the products sold on the Website may be covered by a contractual warranty, the duration, scope and terms of which are set out on the relevant product pages.
No warranty is given if the defect occurs or the product has been damaged due to negligence or negligence, due to external influences, wear and tear, improper installation or use and maintenance not in accordance with the supplier or normal practice.
DECATHLON.LT draws the Customer's attention to the fact that certain defects or improper functioning may be caused only by improper installation, use or maintenance. Therefore, DECATHLON.LT encourages the Customer to follow the instructions in the troubleshooting manuals on the Website and to test the received equipment several times.
In order for the warranty to apply, the Customer must obtain a return number identifying the cause of the defect. To do this, the Customer must log in to the section "My Account" => "Track Your Orders" and report the problem or malfunction of the relevant item (s). After doing so, he will receive a refund number.
The customer undertakes to return the defective goods to the nearest DECATHLON store or by contacting the Customer Service Department by e-mail: [email protected]. The customer service staff will order the collection of these returned goods from the Customer via the courier of your choice. The customer does not choose the method of sending the goods, but must return the returned goods carefully and add the return number (s) to the parcel by printing it from the Website. The cost of sending returned defective goods is borne by DECATHLON.LT.
Only refunds with a refund number will be accepted. Otherwise, the refund is considered incorrect and DECATHLON.LT does not make the payment (does not refund the amount paid).
After DECATHLON.LT inspects the product, namely - after checking whether the product is covered by a statutory warranty or a commercial warranty, it will be repaired or replaced as standard.
If DECATHLON.LT confirms that the cause of the failure is covered by a warranty in accordance with the law or a commercial warranty, but the product cannot be repaired and replaced with an identical product, a refund will be given. In any case, DECATHLON.LT will offer the Customer the most suitable solution (replace the defective part, replace the product or compensate).
In the event that the return is fraudulent, abusive or the Customer has not been aware of and has not followed the instructions in the troubleshooting manuals provided on the Website, such return shall be considered illegal and shall not be accepted. In addition, all products shipped without a return number will be considered improperly returned and rejected. In addition, the Customer is responsible for the method of packaging the goods: they must be packed in such a way that the transported goods are not broken or damaged.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase purchased on the www.decathlon.lt website, you can contact DECATHLON.LT Customer Service Center by e-mail. email to: [email protected]


These General Sales Conditions consist of a set of provisions that are inextricably linked, and none of them is interpreted in isolation from the others. The absence of any provision of these Terms at any time shall not constitute a waiver of such provision at a later date. If any provision is otherwise invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.


The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to these general terms and conditions of sale.

In the event of a claim, the Customer must set it out in writing and submit it to the address specified in Article 7 above. In the event that the Customer does not receive a response within 14 days, or if the Customer's claim is not satisfied, the Customer has the right to resolve the dispute by contacting the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus st.25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail [email protected], tel. 852626751, website www.vvtat.lt), or to its territorial offices, or fill in the application form on the EGS platform https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2. show & lng = LT).

When resolving disputes in courts, apply to the competent court according to the Client's place of residence or the address of the registered office of DECATHLON.LT.


Decathlon Lietuva UAB is registered in the List of Food Processing Entities maintained by the State Food and Veterinary Service, registered food processing entity no. 1300167.