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Product recalls


Dear customers, we have detected an organoleptic alteration on one of our products: a potential modification of taste and smell (similar to vinegar) making the product unfit for human consumption. As a precaution, we have decided to recall the following batch:

The concerned batches have been withdrawn from the market, however some of these products could have been sold before this withdrawal was active, more precisely between 08/12/2022 and 09/30/2022 inclusive.

If you have bought and still have a product from this lot, please do not consume it and bring it back to the store of your choice to get reimbursed (even if the product is already open or partially consumed)

For more information, we kindly invite you to contact our Customer Service Center that will answer all your questions

+37052045566 - Vilnius store

Vikingų g. 5 Vilnius I-VII 10-21

37065977770 - Klaipėda store

Baltijos pr. 26A I-VI 10-20, VII 10-19

Decathlon Nutrition team thanks you for your understanding and apologizes for the inconvenience caused