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Winter Cycling Socks 900 - Black/Grey



Winter Cycling Socks 900 - Black/Grey

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Long wool socks developed by our engineers and made in Italy with the best fibres for greater comfort in winter

Created to improve thermal comfort for cyclists in cold weather. The Merino and Primaloft fibre is lightweight, doesn't retain moisture, doesn't itch and is anti-odour



High-rise socks with plush loops on the front.


Elasticated band at the ankle and the arch of the foot keeps socks in place.

Moisture management

A blend of fibres that offer great breathability to keep your feet dry.


Composition and sock height

38.7% - Polyamide
29% - Wool
19.2% - Polyester
12.3% - Acrylic
0.8% - Elastane

21 cm high in size 6½-8
The height varies very little between sizes

The benefits of socks

Whether you use your bike for daily commutes or competitive racing, cycling takes a toll on your feet. Pedalling can result in rubbing, which, coupled with perspiration can feel very unpleasant. The cold can also make cycling uncomfortable if you are not properly protected.
This pair of B'Twin 700 high-rise socks makes you feel warm during your rides out in the cold thanks to its plush loops throughout the forefoot.

Product tests

Our team of product designers based at the B'Twin Village in Lille is continuously working to make cycling more comfortable for our users. Our obsession is to create products that meet the specific cycling needs of our users and eliminate hindrances to a good cycling experience.
We then test our products in the field, as we are convinced that only by subjecting them to real world conditions, like the ones you experience on your bike, can we continuously improve our products.