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  • Pilates Ring - Black
  • Pilates Ring - Black
  • Pilates Ring - Black
  • Pilates Ring - Black
Pilates Ring - Black



Pilates Ring - Black

  • Pilates Ring - Black
  • Pilates Ring - Black
  • Pilates Ring - Black
  • Pilates Ring - Black
Pilates Ring - Black
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This Pilates ring has been created so that you can improve your poses, intensify your exercises, and work your deep muscles. It's a must!

This 40 cm ring is the must-have accessory for your Pilates sessions. It can be used to give all of your muscle groups a resistance workout. It's a new way to rediscover the basics!

Frame: 100.0% Glass Fiber; Foam: 100.0% Polyethylene; Handle: 100.0% Polyethylene



An accessory to do various standing or seated exercises for a full-body workout!

Ergonomic grip

2 foam pads on the side for added comfort while you exercise.


Why use a Pilates ring?

"Accessories aren't at all compulsory for doing Pilates. That said, they can be useful for helping you find the right posture and intensifying your workout.
The Pilates ring works your deep muscles harder and is suitable for both beginners and people with years of experience. Hold its two side handles in both hands for an all-round upper-body workout. You can also place it between your thighs to accentuate your adductor and other exercises.

"How comfortable is this Pilates ring? "

Its curved foam pads mean that it remains comfortable no matter how intensely you're training. Its round shape deforms to accommodate the amount of pressure you put on it during your exercises.


Turn it over and use it as a stand for your Swiss ball when you're not using it!

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store your Pilates ring indoors, away from any heat sources and dirty objects.

Restrictions on use

For home use only.


Test product

We perform numerous tests to make sure this Pilates ring does what we want. You should also know that it was made with materials certified as being free from harmful substances.


2 Years

Agree by

"Lightweight, the perfect size, and great for controlling my movements." Stéphanie, Pilates ring user.